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What We Do

We're a group of local real estate investors in Southeastern Wisconsin that are committed to helping homeowners in a bind. We purchase homes quickly, with cash. We understand that the unexpected can and will affect us all at one time or another. As investors, we buy homes in 'as is' condition and allow homeowners to walk away from financial obligations in order to start fresh. By fueling our obsession, dedication, and focus – we are determined to build the most successful full-service real-estate firm in Wisconsin. Our experiences, abilities, strategies are aligned to make smart, diversified property acquisitions that lead to exceptional renovations, satisfied retail buyers, and profitable rental holdings. When we pair this with giving back to our community in a multitude of needed ways, the result is a company dedicated to success and doing good.


The Market

A successful real-estate investment business thrives off of a strong market. Southeastern Wisconsin is one of the healthiest in the country. This vitality is currently attributed to the high level of corporate interest and activity moving into the area through the Wisconsin-Illinois border. This recent influx of business has set off a wave of infrastructure, retail and housing development. The current shortage of housing for these new employees has created an opportunity that continues to unfold.

01. Kenosha

The recent influx of business from Illinois has created a bustling market in Kenosha county. Born and raised in Kenosha, We're extremely knowledgeable and firmly planted in this market.


As out-of-state business expansion grows into Southeast Wisconsin, so does the the housing market. Racine is feeling the effects of the recent growth, along with some deeply rooted business in the area that has kept housing stable. 

03. milwaukee

The largest city in the state of Wisconsin remains a hub for Fortune 500 business and housing. Strong rentals within the city and a variety of neighborhoods make for a diverse range of opportunities.

04. waukesha

The largest suburb to the West of Milwaukee continues to accept urban sprawl and new construction. Satellite businesses in the area support larger corporate growth, creating a steady stream of employment and a housing market that remains even-keeled.


What they're saying

"We had a great experience working with Pherra. They made selling the home we lived in for decades extremely simple and easy to sell, offered us a fair price, and kept us updated throughout the process. We were able to see the property after Pherra fully renovated it, and it was unbelievable! We want to extend a big thanks to Pherra for all the loving care they gave to our house."

– Kathy and Hans Nuernberg, Racine, Wisconsin


We are here to open doors, develop strong foundations, grow communities and build legacies.



This business is a testament to four people who have deep purpose, exceptional talents, great instincts and make bold decisions. These individuals have realized that their sought-after talents and successes in the corporate world should instead be channeled to do great things for others, the community, and families through various forms of real-estate investments. Their vision and obsession with this pursuit plays out in the following pages.

The Pherra Group formed with two creative, passionate, and driven companies - Family Legacy Properties, led by Nina and Mitch Ferraro, and In Place Homes & Investments, led by Kelly and Adam Slipher - coming together to amplify their businesses and join forces. Both companies and all owners realized that they had similar reasons why they wanted to lead successful businesses, had similar values, and had skill sets and experiences that complemented one another.  

Their motivation was to change the lives of their families, better support their communities, and have the ability to give back to others in ways they could have never dreamed of. In the Summer of 2017 - The Pherra Group was officially formed. Unrelenting drive, motivation, and integrity allows this team to operate at full-force, to do good and give back to local Wisconsin communities.


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